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Troy D's Dance School


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Troy D. Haskin – Owner Dance Instructor

903-917-2846 Studio

409-273-4330 Cell





Learn To Dance Like The Professionals At An Exciting New Dance Studio Here In Longview. ’’Troy D’s Dance School’’

Beaumont, TX August 1, 2008

Who I am, is Troy D Haskin. I have been dancing for 24 years and teaching several styles for more than 10.What my supreme goal here in Longview, is to teach and bring completely different dancing styles to this great city. Toward the end of August is when I plan to open up my studio for Longview. 2037 S. High Street is where my studio will be located. I have been dancing all of my life and it has often saved me from myself and other harmful situations. There has not been anything like what I have to offer hence the very reasons why I am here to teach and share it.

In August of 2008, I began a business venture with Jack Koch former CEO of Beaumont Metropolitan YMCA, to teach dance classes to at risk kids ages 4 – 13. Later that year, I then teamed with 102.5, 94.1, 95.5, Park dale Mall & Lisa Christensen with FOX64, to bring a ’’So You Think You Can Dance’’ challenge to Beaumont, TX.

My family and I recently moved here about 4 months ago after losing everything last year due to two hurricanes back to back. I am here to claim a new start and hopefully a successful new dance school.

For References:

Jack Koch 409-291-9207

Lisa Christensen Harris 409-363-2130

In Closing Below are dance styles and levels that will be taught at my studio

All Hip-Hop Styles such as: Break-dance, Popping, Liquid Pop, etc

Basic-Intermediate & Advance

Latin styles such as: Salsa, Cha-Cha, Mambo, Lambada etc.

Basic-Intermediate & Advance

Basic Ballroom styles may vary

Basic & Intermediate


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